By Carey Jones
Updated December 18, 2014
Credit: © Michaela Rollings

Sure, it may have religious roots, but Christmas has become such an all-consuming American holiday that even those who don't celebrate it have holiday traditions. Case in point? The now widely known Jewish-American ritual of Chinese food on Christmas.

And where there is a culinary tradition, there's a chef out there who will turn it into a sandwich. Ricky King, chef-partner at Midtown New York City's Untamed Sandwiches, is all about hot sandwiches this winter. His "Red Dreidel" is a celebration of the Jewish tradition in handheld form.

The filling: King starts with a Chinese barbecue-style lacquered Peking duck—a fine sandwich foundation if we've ever seen one—draped in Gruyère, pickled radicchio and a spicy jam with habanero pepper. (Maybe you won't find Gruyère and radicchio at your local Chinese restaurant, but we have no problem with non-traditional ingredients here.)

The bread: It's all sandwiched by a crusty roll from NYC favorite Grandaisy Bakery.

Where to get it: This and a whole menu of unusual, hearty sandwiches are available at Untamed Sandwiches near Bryant Park in Manhattan.