The CEO of Amazon celebrated the opening of the company's 18th wind farm. 

Amazon wind farm
Credit: David Ryder/Getty Images

When you are Jeff Bezos, and you run Amazon, the company that, if it doesn’t already, will very soon, run the world, every day should be a celebration. Amazon has everything: meal kits, grocery delivery, it even wants to be the new Etsy. Now it’s got wind farms, too, the latest of which Bezos recently christened with a bottle of champagne.

Is Amazon’s effort to create more renewable energy, thereby helping combat some of climate change’s disastrous effects on our planet, a noble cause? Yes, very much so, even though the company seems to be creeping into every avenue of our lives. This is the corporation’s 18th solar and wind farm, according to Mashable, and Amazon plans to build 35 more, which will be spread out in states like Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. Once the project is complete, the company claims that it will generate enough energy to power at least 330,000 homes for a year. At this point, it would not be surprising if it turned out to be Bezos himself who saves Earth from itself.

The near-omnipresence of Amazon in almost every field—newspapers, energy, food—has cities fighting to be home to its next headquarters (the first is in Seattle), with Atlanta, New York City, and Dallas among the top contenders.

With the company at the height of its impact and demand, why not smash a bottle of champagne every once in a while? Not just in honor of renewable energy, but in honor of his company’s continual dominance in just about every corner of the market that it ventures into.

Just watch the video: The confidence with which Bezos smashes that bottle onto the giant turbine, staring straight into the camera as he does it, is mesmerizing and inspirational. This is clearly a guy who is good at getting exactly what he wants. People of Earth, take note.