By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 24, 2016
© Johnny Louis / Getty Images

The third time was not a charm for the Bush family. Despite his most mediocre efforts to the contrary, Jeb Bush will not be following his father’s and brother’s footsteps to the White House.

So what has Jeb! (can I stop using the exclamation point now?) been doing since dropping out of the Republican nomination race this past Saturday? Apparently, the former Florida governor has returned to his true love: responding to emails about campaign swag.

Back during the salad days of the Bush campaign, Jeb garnered media attention for, among other fund-raising items, a guacamole bowl—affectionately called the “Guaca Bowle”—via his online shop. After the candidate’s exit, Anthony Breach, a 23-year-old economist from the UK, wondered if he might be able to get this “fetching” $75 bowl at a discount. So he simply emailed the candidate directly. “Will you be running a sale soon on the remaining stash?” the Brit inquired to, an email address that others have used to reach the candidate before.

To Breach’s amazement, Jeb actually replied—or at least that’s how it was signed—and within just three minutes, no less. “I have no idea but I will check. That is pretty funny. jeb” was the entirety Jeb’s response.

When asked about his email, Breach, who said he’s been following the candidate, seemed genuinely interested in the Guaca Bowle. “I was browsing through the stash, I came across this magnificent guacamole bowl and thought, ‘I want that’. But it costs $75, which is too expensive for a recent graduate,” he told BuzzFeed.

Bush supposedly spent $130 million dollars on his losing campaign. Maybe if he had just given away 1.7 million free Guaca Bowles he could have won the voters over the old-fashioned way: via their stomachs.