The Orange Is the New Black star opens up about his food-filled life.

By Kate Krader
Updated May 24, 2017
© Larry Busacca / Getty Images

The Itch to Go Out
I go out to eat a lot. In a city like New York, it's a challenge to keep up with all the new spots. If a week or two has gone by and my wife [Jenny Mollen] and I haven't gone out, I start itching.

Befriending a Restaurant Critic
I was very taken with [New York Times critic] Pete Wells before I even met him; his writing endeared him to me. And then I got to go to Señor Frog's with him for a review; we all wore balloon hats. I love being in a place where I can wear a balloon hat among my people.

Care and Feeding of a Child Actor
I'm from New Jersey. As a kid, I'd come into the city for auditions. Afterward, we'd get a bag of H&H bagels, and on the car ride home I'd eat a bagel with a schmear.

Sweet Sobriety
I have a sweet tooth. I never used to, but then I got sober. I like OddFellows ice creams, and they deliver on Caviar.

Cooking with (and Without) Fire
I had a wood-burning oven in L.A. I made the craziest pizzas. Now, in New York, my kitchen is smaller; I use my sous vide machine.

Juice Box Ban
Jenny and I don't talk about food much on our SiriusXM show, Jason & Jenny ... But if we did, it would be about what our son should eat. He shouldn't have juice boxes every day.

Rug Quest
Jenny has a new memoir, Live Fast Die Hot. It's about holding onto the craziness of her life before she had a baby—for instance, going all the way to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to track down the women who made a rug we have.

Prison Food
When I was doing Orange Is the New Black, I didn't have to partake of the prison food on or off the set. But now I'm interested in that Milan prison where people go for four-course dinners.