By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 12, 2014
© iStockphoto

Christmas is supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year” (despite how much Andy Williams we have to listen to)—not just for you and your beau, but for everyone. But if you happen to be alone during the holidays, there’s certainly nothing wonderful about watching a sea of public displays of affection while you’re trying to go about your business. So a restaurant in Japan has a solution: they’re banning couples from eating at their restaurant on Christmas Eve.

The singles-friendly spot was reported on by RocketNews24 after being spotted on Twitter. The restaurant in question is a spaghetti place called PiaPia in Hachioji, on the west side of Tokyo. The original tweet, which has now been retweeted a remarkable 17,000-plus times, shows a hand-drawn sign featuring an outline of a happy couple with a heart between them crossed out with an angry red X.

According to RocketNews24’s translation (and I’ll take for granted that their Japanese is far better than mine), the sign reads: “As it would cause severe emotional trauma to our staff members, we will be denying entry to all couples on Dec. 24 with no exceptions!”

Turns out Christmas Eve in Tokyo is a bit of an outlier for the usually conservative culture, with public make-out sessions being more commonplace. As an American, where PDA can also make us queasy, I can’t really blame them. Though banning all couples seems a bit rash. What about the old married couples who gave up on physically showing their affection decades ago? Can’t they get a meal?

Since no couples are being let in, PiaPia is also the perfect place for singles to spaghetti it up on the night before Christmas. It’s your last chance to be naughty before Santa arrives!

[h/t Eater]