By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 18, 2016

New parents have so much to brag about: My baby’s the cutest, my baby’s the smartest, my baby’s arms look the most like bread rolls.

If that last one sounds a bit strange, obviously you haven’t been following the hashtag, #我が子の最強ちぎりパン画像 that has been popular among Japanese Twitter users recently. BuzzFeed translates it to mean “#MyBabysGotTheBestBreadPhoto.” Apparently, they like their hashtags nice and wordy over there in Japan.

The gist of the trend: Parents comparing the fat rolls on their babies’ arms to a popular type of bread in Japan that has ridges where the bread is intended to be pulled apart. As you have hopefully deduced by now, these baby-arm-sized breads look extremely similar to the creases seen in the arm of a baby who’s still showing a lot of baby fat.

But just whose baby looks the most similar to the bread? A very important question, and one that only a hashtag can sort out, allowing parents to post and debate on the topic in a public forum. I looked through a lot of the photos to try to come up with an answer myself, and yes, there are some very good ones. For instance, congrats to this baby: S/he looks a lot like a loaf of bread. And this baby too: If only someone was giving out scholarships to babies whose arms looked like bread!

But what I learned most of all was that, man, a lot of people in Japan have chubby babies. Are they feeding them all the bread rolls?!

[h/t First We Feast]