By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 09, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

Enjoying wine and cheese pairings is such a pain. You have to get a bottle of wine. You have to get cheese. You have to pair them. Wouldn’t it be easier if the whole thing just came in chewable candy form? Don’t answer that. Just read on.

As silly chewable wine and cheese may sound, someone in Japan thought a compact, single-bite version of a pairing would at least be fun. That’s why on that side of the Pacific you can buy Puccho: Wine & Yaki-Cheese – a gummy candy that attempts to takes like, yup, a wine and cheese pairing.

RocketNews24 recently decided to consult with a sommelier about just how well the complex flavors of wine and cheese translate into candy form: “It just tastes like grape. I couldn’t taste the cheese at all either. Real wine shouldn’t be so sweet and should not smell or taste exactly like grapes either. Especially, a young Bordeaux should be bold, sour, and bitter. However, I could definitely feel wine in the aftertaste. It feels like I just drank some.”

So there you have it, if you want all the aftertaste of wine without any of the enjoyment, then Punccho: Wine & Yaki-Cheese might be the candy you’ve been waiting for. Or, if you’re looking to save some calories, just swig some wine in your mouth and then spit it out and enjoy that sweet, sweet aftertaste.