By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 13, 2016
nude, dining
Credit: © Juanmonino/Getty Images

Japan's first naked restaurant isn't quite the beacon of body positivity and acceptance you'd hope for when you drop trou in front of a bunch of strangers. The Amrita, the latest version of the naked restaurant craze, will open in Tokyo on July 29th and has a few questionable policies about who it will let in. No one over age 60 (or, more reasonably, under 18) will be allowed to enter. Worse, you can't get in if you're 15 kg (33 pounds) or more overweight based on BMI. If you don't look skinny enough when you arrive, they'll turn you away at the door, no refund.

Given that the tickets range from ¥12,000 to ¥80,000 ($112 – $563 USD), denying customers a refund is no small inconvenience. These event tickets include dinner and a show. The show here refers to a bunch of American and European male models dancing around for your amusement. You can also buy tickets to just dinner, no show, for between ¥14,000 and ¥28,000 (about $130-$260 USD) depending on the course menu you choose. And you still get a pretty good bang (no pun intended) for your buck, since the waiters, "men with the world’s most beautiful bodies", will still be parading around in G-strings.

Granted, this naked restaurant is a little less naked than its English and Australian counterparts. Once the restaurant has confirmed your age and you've been cleared to strip down, you put on a pair of paper underwear that The Amrita provides.

Reservations for the Amrita, which were available for the nights of July 29th-31st, are already sold out. It's unclear whether this restaurant is just a three-night popup or a more permanent fixture, but, with this kind of body shaming, we can only hope it will be over soon.