Kit Kat Releases Whisky Barrel-Aged Chocolate Bar in Japan

The limited-edition item is made from cacao nibs aged for 180 days in Scotch barrels on the island of Islay.

45th Anniversary Of Kit Kat Release In Japan
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There are a lot of reasons why we'd like the entire month of December to move itself along as quickly as possible, including the release of this limited-edition Kit Kat. The sooner we get to December 15, the sooner we get to the arrival of these Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kats, which will be available at Kit Kat Chocolatory stores throughout Japan.

The premium candy bar is made from Ghanaian cacao nibs that have been aged for 180 days in whisky barrels from Islay, the Scottish island known for its smoky, peaty single-malt whiskies. The barrels were rotated once a week, to ensure that all of the cacao had a chance to touch the inside of the barrel and would end the aging process with the deepest, richest flavor possible. (Interestingly, this is the Kit Kat Chocolatory's first release that was not produced in Japan; its country of origin will be listed as the United Kingdom.)

The Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat's creation was overseen by Yasumasa Takagi, a pastry chef who has been described by SoraNews24 as "the Willy Wonka of Kit Kats." The former Iron Chef competitor has turned his attention to creating new and complex Kit Kat flavors, like passion fruit, Orange Cocktail Noir, and Sakura Green Tea, which is made from Uji tea leaves and powdered cherry leaf extract.

"The challenge is how to make something handmade out of an industrial brand,' he previously told The Telegraph. 'The Kit Kat has three perimeters: the chocolate, the wafer and the cream. The chocolate and cream are where we can be most creative. For me, my goals are the same as in my work as a patissier. I want to surprise people, I want to make them happy and I want to somehow create an emotional reaction. I'm always looking for new textures and new flavors."

Despite the more than 400 (!) Kit Kat flavors that are available in Japan, the most popular version remains the OG-flavored Kit Kat mini. And earlier this year, Nestle confirmed that it would start making those already tiny Kit Kats even smaller, shrinking them by 17 percent –– and the company said that less chocolate was exactly what their customers wanted.

"For some time, many consumers have said they are concerned about calories and want to hold back on their sugar intake," the company said at the time. "From September 2020, we adjusted the recipe to switch part of the sugar to soy milk okara powder etc., and changed each serving to be bite-sized so that people concerned about calories can easily enjoy it. In the case of the standard 'KitKat Mini', the weight was reduced from 11.6 grams to 9.9 grams."

If you happen to be in Japan and can get to a Kit Kat Chocolatory, you'll be pleased to know that the Whisky Barrel Aged versions are a full-sized wafer. Each one will cost ¥300 ($2.88) and promises to deliver the "delicate aroma and taste of whisky." Come on, December 15… and also come on, magic portal that will deliver us directly to a Chocolatory.

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