By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 27, 2016
Credit: © Frito-Lay

America’s current line of Doritos flavors covers a wide gamut from the obvious (Nacho Cheese) to the slightly refined (Salsa Verde) to the eternally confusing (I know what Cool Ranch is, but I don’t really know what Cool Ranch is. Could there be Hot Ranch, for instance?) But though Frito-Lay has certainly offered unique Doritos flavors on our shores (remember Mountain Dew Doritos?), the snack chip’s most interesting new flavor is only available in Japan: black-colored, Halloween-themed Garlic Pepper Doritos.

Over the past few years in the brand name food world, black has become the go-to color for head-turning items – including black Whoppers at Burger King and black hot dogs at Ikea. These black Doritos chips have a similar strikingly black appearance – though for my money, they don’t quite have the same cachet, primarily because they look only a few shades darker than relatively common blue corn tortilla chips. In some ways, I guess that makes the idea of a black tortilla chip that much more palatable.

Still, for a Halloween tie-in, black is about as spooky of a color you can get, and making the chips garlic is a neat twist for two reasons. First, as we all know, vampires hate garlic, so the whole black and garlic thing gives the product that Halloween vibe (hammered home by the inclusion of a vampire-looking dude on the packaging). But second, black garlic in itself is also a popular flavor in Japan. Though it’s safe to assume these Doritos don’t provide the same delicate flavor as that trendy ingredient, saying you grabbed some “black garlic Doritos” sounds cool nonetheless.

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned if you’re interested in celebrating Halloween with some garlic pepper-flavored Doritos, they are only available on the other side of the Pacific. As Nerdist pointed out, you could try buying them from online shops like JList or napaJapan, but of course, it didn’t take long after that suggestion for the product to sell out in those two shops as well. It seems at this point, if you absolutely must have spooky Doritos for Halloween, your only hope would be to sell your soul to the devil… which is very fitting indeed.