By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 19, 2015

Sadly, most fine dining establishments scoff at the idea of bringing an adorable cat with you. But thankfully, nothing prevents you from fulfilling your bizarre feline-filled dreams in your own home. And Nestle Japan wants to make having an intimate dinner with your cat a reality.

To promote their new line of fancy MonPetit cat food, Nestle is offering up a strange promotion for Tokyo residents during the month of December. According to RocketNews24, for about $180, the food giant will send a chef to your residence to create a four-course meal for you and your cat. Each course takes one of MonPetit’s cat food pouches and serves it up alongside a similar dish designed for humans.

If the promotional photos are accurate, not only are the meals similar in ingredients, but they are also plated to make both pet and caretaker feel like they are indulging in one singular culinary experience. For instance, both appetizers are built around maguro and bonito presented with similar garnishes. And both entrees are roast chicken with vegetable sauce. A bit of added artistic flare comes from some expertly-placed sauce droplets.

Whether you consider this service the height of luxury or the height of absurdity probably depends on how much you love your cat. And your money. Though my biggest concern is how you get a cat to sit down for a four course meal – especially when you have some crazy chef hanging out in your house. “Why are you hiding under the bed, Mr. Snuggles? You’re not scared of the stranger with giant knives, are you?”