The British chef commented on his long-running feud with animal rights activists. 
Jamie Oliver v. vegans
Credit: David M. Benett / Contributor / Getty Images

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has weighed in his ongoing battle with so-called anti-meat activists who he says have targeted his restaurants in the past.

Back in March, animal rights crusaders protested outside his restaurant in Bristol after the chef advocated for drinking milk on an episode of the show Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast. Oliver told the Sunday Times Magazine that “20 scruffy, weird-looking fellas [put] iPads of slaughtered animals in front of kids having spaghetti bolognese on a Saturday lunch.”

“Vegans do annoy me, but I also do care for them,” Oliver clarified. Though he’s rightfully frustrated with interruptions during his lunch service, the fact that he cares for vegan activists actually makes sense.

Oliver founded Jamie’s Food Revolution, an organization that advocates for providing children with nutritious, fresh meals, sustainability in cooking, and ending food waste and childhood obesity. In the past, he’s also encouraged people to eat vegan or vegetarian at least a couple nights per week in order to save money and do the environment of a favor by buying more sustainable, plant-based foods.

To that end, the chef took aim at British Prime Minister Theresa May, who says is not doing enough to battle childhood obesity. Oliver thinks May has “watered down” government policies made by the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, to fight the epidemic. For instance, May recently decided to end a school lunch program that gave free meals to young children. In America, President Trump has been considering similar policy changes.

Oliver is no stranger to stirring up controversy: He recently commented on his now-hopefully-squashed feud with fellow British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, calling the situation "pathetic." Perhaps his public acknowledgment that he cares about anti-meat activists' cause (even if the protesters do annoy him) will put an end to this beef, too.