The Irish whiskey brand dubbed them “the first seaweed bitters in the market.”
Credit: Jun Takaki / EyeEm/Getty Images

If you’ve ever been sipping on a cocktail and found yourself wishing it had a bit of an oceanic bite, Jameson has released a new product that can relieve that issue in just a couple dashes: Jameson Wild Seaweed Bitters.

Though Jameson is best known for its Irish whiskey, this release is actually the brand’s second stab at bitters following the introduction of Jameson Wild Sloe Berry Bitters back in 2015. This new 46-percent ABV seaweed iteration is billed as “a highly concentrated infusion of Jameson Irish whiskey, a variety of herbs—including cinchona, wormwood, ginseng and gentian—and wild dillisk seaweed.” Clearly, seaweed is this signature ingredient here, and Jameson boasts that the product was “created in collaboration with second generation seaweed farmers from along the Wild Atlantic Way” and that the wild dillisk seaweed used is “hand harvested” from Long Rock in County Sligo and dried naturally on the shore.

The results are said to impart earthy seaweed aromatics that add “subtle flavours of the Irish Ocean.” Admittedly, it sounds like a somewhat odd proposition, but with a retail price of $25 for a 100-milliliter bottle, you won’t go broke trying to determine if the taste of Irish seawater suits your fancy. At the very least, it’s far cheaper than a trip to Galway.

But though the backstory may appeal to consumers, Irish Distillers’ innovation director, suggested that the real target was mixologists. “It’s no secret that part of Jameson’s success in the U.S. and around the world has been down to strong brand advocacy among the world’s best bartenders, and we are committed to developing exciting new concepts that ignite the creativity of these industry leaders,” he said in a statement. “Since launching our Jameson Bitters project back in 2015, the feedback from the global on-trade has been fantastic, so we cannot wait to see how bartenders around the world interpret the flavour of the Irish coastline in their creations using Jameson Wild Seaweed Bitters, the first seaweed bitters in the market.”

Meanwhile, for those interesting in making their own creations, Jameson suggests adding a few drops to a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or an Irish Red Ale. Or maybe you could try adding a touch of seaweed to a Sex on the Beach? Actually, scratch that idea.