We Tried Jameson's New Cold Brew-Flavored Whiskey

Each serving is equivalent to about half a shot of espresso.

In 2019, hard coffee had a moment. Pabst Blue Ribbon launched a canned, five percent ABV version in July, and in September, La Colombe and MillerCoors released a hard cold brew, available vanilla-flavored or black. Now, Jameson is continuing the trend with a 30 percent ABV cold brew whiskey—and yes, before you ask, it's caffeinated.

Jameson Cold Brew
Courtesy of Jameson

The product is a riff on the combination of Irish whiskey and coffee, according to Jameson, and each serving is equivalent to about half a shot of espresso. It's flavored with 100 percent Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia, with tasting notes touted to be "toasted oak and dark chocolate." You can either drink it chilled over ice or in a cocktail. For the former, Jameson recommends mixing it with cola or making a "Jameson Cold Brewtini," with two-parts Jameson Cold Brew, one-part cold brew coffee, and half-parts simple syrup.

When we got our own bottle to try, we served it chilled over ice. Upon opening it, we noticed a slightly smoky, sharp scent mixed with coffee. The taste was smoother than expected, but the coffee didn't come through as much. Most editors felt that they'd prefer mixing it in a cocktail as opposed to sipping it straight. One suggested a milky frozen cocktail, like a boozy coffee frappucino; another saw it as a solid add-in for hot coffee, enjoyed leisurely in a hammock or on the porch of a cabin.

"The lower ABV and hint of coffee flavor make up for some of the dilution, it might be appealing if you're trying to have a more session-able cocktail or rocks drinks without going full whiskey," said associate news editor Adam Campbell-Schmitt.

If it sounds up your alley, the product will be available in bars and liquor stores starting next week, but you can pre-order it on ReserveBar.com starting January 25.

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