Grab a corkscrew and stream your way to wine expertise.
Credit: James Suckling (photo: courtesy MasterClass)

The teaching platform MasterClass promises “online classes taught by the world’s greatest minds.” That means everything from learning photography from Annie Leibovitz to learning poker from Daniel Negreanu. If you’re looking to hone your cooking skills, you have plenty of options: Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, and Dominique Ansel all work with MasterClass But if you were looking to learn to pair wine with all that grub, you were pretty much screwed… that is until now.

Influential wine critic James Suckling has just joined MasterClass with an 11-lesson wine appreciation course featuring videos on topics like the influence of viticulture, tasting techniques, and storing and curating. As the class description states, “James Suckling has tasted more than 200,000 wines over the past 40 years. In his MasterClass, James tours legendary Tuscan vineyards and teaches you to explore the stories, history, and people behind every bottle. Deepen your knowledge of the properties in each sip, cultivate your passion, and choose, order, and pair wines with confidence.” The class also promises a downloadable wine guide and a chance for “select student questions” to be answered by the master himself.

Or if you want to hear Suckling sell the class, you can watch the official trailer below—which includes wonderful quips like “I try not to be pretentious about wine, but if you want to be, I can help you do that also”

“James has an encyclopedic knowledge of wines, their regions, histories, and ratings,” David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass, said. “As one of the world’s most influential wine critics, we’re thrilled to have him teach students how to have a new outlook on tasting, pairing, and choosing wines and give us the opportunity to experience Tuscan vineyards like never before.”

Suckling’s class can be purchase a la carte for $90—or for $180, MasterClass offers an all-access pass that includes everything the service offers. Hey, if Daniel Negreanu’s poker class is as good as advertised, the whole thing pays for itself and then some, right?