'The Late, Late Show' host teamed up with the coffee pod company on its Brew the Love campaign. 
James Corden Keurig videos
Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

Most people already know that the fastest, easiest way to brew coffee is to use a Keurig machine, the small countertop device that uses coffee pods to brew a cup of Joe directly into your mug. But for all those drip coffee devotees who need more convincing that the Keurig is the future of coffee, James Corden has teamed with the company to help you understand just how useful the coffee maker can be.

In a series of seven videos, which will officially be released next week, Corden, who hosts The Late, Late Show, explains the benefits of switching to a Keurig in just five seconds. You could, for instance, convert your old coffee maker into a lavender hand bath or a fish tank.

In his dry British wit and scene-stealing goofball charm, Corden also attempts, unsuccessfully, to do a blind smell test of Keurig coffee flavors, and explain the simple formula behind why you should buy the machine for a coffee lover in your life. He even finds an opportunity to poke fun at hipster baristas, dressing up in a beanie and fake mustache to offer viewers “otter milk,” and an overly complicated Wi-Fi password.

Corden teamed up with Keurig for its Brew the Love campaign, which sets out to persuade people still using old-fashioned coffee makers that they should make switch to this more sophisticated technology. It’s not hard to see why some people still might be skeptical of the Keurig machine, though; there’s something comforting in the ritual of waking up early to brew a pot of coffee, listening, as you brush your teeth and get dressed, as the coffee drips, drop by drop, into the pot. Then again, adding some simplicity to your morning routine never hurt, and the Keurig certainly does have that. Let’s just be thankful those convenient little pods have finally gone eco-friendly.