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Kudos to the various wine-related winners at the big James Beard shindig last night at Lincoln Center. The full list of Beard Winners is on the James Beard Foundation website, but just to recap the vinous ones, the entirely deserving Paul Draper of Ridge Vineyards walked away (so to speak; he wasn't actually at the ceremony) with the award for Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional, Mark Slater of Michel Richard Citronelle in DC took the award for Outstanding Wine Service, and Alan Tardi (a terrific chef as well as a writer—I'm among the many people here in NYC who still miss Follonico, his Italian place that he closed up before moving to Piedmont) won for his book, Romancing the Vine: Life, Love and Transformation in the Vineyards of Barolo. You could, if you wanted, experience all three by flying to DC, buying Tardi's book there, going to Citronelle, ordering a bottle of Ridge Geyserville (assuming it's on the list), and drinking it while you eat and read. People would think you were a little strange, but such is the price of whimsy.