The company is also updating its logo, menu, and store designs.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 19, 2019
Credit: fcafotodigital/Getty Images

In general, people are resistant to change, even when it comes to something simple like Dunkin’ Donuts dropping the “Donuts” from its name. Everyone knows what the name “Dunkin’” means either way, but after nearly seven decades in business, it’s still something to get used to. And yet, maybe change is something we need. Jamba Juice's team must have liked what they saw because the smoothie brand is taking a similar approach: Jamba Juice is now officially just “Jamba.”

As Nation’s Restaurant News points out, more than just a breath of fresh air, dropping a specific product from a brand’s name can help it escape from pigeonholing. “When the brand started almost 30 years ago in San Luis Obispo, it was basically a little juice shop with a big idea,” Geoff Henry, the president of the brand, told the site. Now, the brand is highlighting how far it’s come with a new slogan: “Smoothies. Juices. Bowls.” “The reality is that many guests don't know that Jamba offers bowls and therefore the name change with the new sub-brand (smoothies, juices and bowls) is a way to help highlight to guests our wider array of offerings and keep up with the changing marketplace.”

Further hammering home the change, Jamba’s 800 locations will also be getting a new logo and new menus. The latter will put an emphasis on health and wellness and will also target modern diet trends. Meanwhile, the logo is also meant to be lighter and more natural looking. The brand is also updating store designs, meant to harken back to those local juice shop days with more wood and fresh ingredients. Not that you won’t remember that Jamba Juice is a large chain, but maybe you’ll feel a bit differently about just Jamba.