Pépin says he can tell a good chef by their omelet-making technique. This guy put his skills to the ultimate test.
Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images

When it comes to technique, few have mastered the art of French cooking as adeptly as Jacques Pépin. The chef to presidents, TV host, and beloved figure in the cooking world is a go-to source for proper food preparation. One of the burgeoning home cooks looking to Pépin for guidance is the guy behind the YouTube channel Alex French Guy Cooking. Alex, a self-taught cook, takes on the challenge of making the perfect four-egg French omelet. And he's willing to put his money where his mouth is by trying to elicit a critique from the master himself.

Alex's original video begins with him studying a classic clip of Jacques Pépin making the four-egg omelet on one of the chef's television series. His first try proves that it's, indeed, not as easy as it looks. It turns out too yellow, overcooked, and rough in texture. Alex surmises that his pan needs an upgrade and sets out on a journey to acquire a 24-centimeter pan with the proper curve to the side. The size provides the perfect platform and surface area for the four-egg mixture to cook.

Of course, a pan does not an omelet make. And it certainly doesn't account for forgetting the salt or using the wrong tool to mix the eggs while they cook. We see Alex continue to experiment and troubleshoot his omelet-making (finding x-factors like bubbling butter, the thickness of the mixture, and heat).

Alex attempted nine omelets, using up 32 eggs (not quite sure how that math works out), and six antacids, he points out in the video's description. But it was all worth it, as his video was seen and then responded to by Pépin himself. So what did the master think? Watch for yourself:

Pépin congratulates Alex on his well-executed omelet and admits he's now an admirer of the YouTuber. That's well-deserved, as Alex is no slouch when it comes to cooking. His quest for culinary acuity has launched a channel comprised of over hundreds of videos and garnered him 550,000 followers on YouTube. Of course, Pépin doesn't leave it at that, challenging Alex to master deboning a chicken next. Alex then responded with his own reaction to the reaction video (in true YouTube form) and accepted the challenge.