By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 30, 2015
© Rebecca Martin

Is there any product that can’t be improved with a caffeine boost? The answer in part probably depends on how appealing you find the idea of caffeinated peanut butter.

The Massachusetts-based company Steem has been trying to move a caffeine-boosted form of peanut butter since last spring. “It’s a time-saver; your two favorite products in one jar,” company co-founder Chris Pettazzoni told the Boston Herald. By using a green-coffee extract mixed into the product, each tablespoon is able to pack as much of a caffeine punch as a cup of coffee. Outside of that, the rest of the ingredients are just peanuts, salt, peanut oil and agave nectar.

The brand has had some success, getting jars into 13 stores across New England. If you don’t feel like hunting one of those down, you can also buy Steem’s peanut butter online for about $5 a jar.

Oddly enough, the brand’s founders say they originally came up with the idea while brainstorming for a hangover cure. “The unsaturated fats actually create bonds with the caffeine so the digestion process is slower and results in a steady release of energy,” Pettazzoni said.

I can’t vouch for the science behind that idea, but here’s an even better hangover cure: mixing your peanut butter with vodka. I call it a Peanuty Mary.

[h/t Consumerist]