However, only one city is lucky enough to get Jack’s ultimate creation: ‘Loaded Tiny Tacos.’

Is there a more controversial item in the fast food world than Jack in the Box tacos? Everyone can agree they only resemble tacos in the most basic sense (it’s kind of like an “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” thing), but opinions vary wildly on whether they’re actually any good. Though I admit that these tacos won’t win any Michelin stars, I do believe that Jack in the Box tacos have their charms — and for people like me, here’s some exciting news: Jack in the Box is testing out a bite-size version of its signature Mexican dish.

Starting this week, Jack in the Box Tiny Tacos are getting a limited, two-month run in three very lucky cities: Austin and Dallas, Texas, and Fresno, California. And if you think these smaller tacos can’t live up to the standard of their full-size brethren, Jack says don’t worry: They “are just like their famous crunchy tacos, but in snack-sized form,” a rep explains.

Credit: Jack in the Box

Here’s one thing that is new, however: These dip-ready snack tacos are being launched alongside Jack’s new creamy avocado lime sauce which can be used in tandem with Jack’s more classic sauces — buttermilk ranch and taco sauce — for small taco dunking.

In Texas, these Tiny Tacos are being sold in two forms: $1 for five Tiny Tacos or $5 for a Tiny Taco Box that not only comes stacked with 25 Tiny Tacos but also has a spot built into the box for all three dipping sauces.

Credit: Jack in the Box

However, if you plan on road-tripping to grab these things, aim for Fresno. There, you can opt to get 15 Tiny Tacos for $3 or — and take a deep breath for this one — you can get a Loaded Tiny Tacos for $4. That’s 15 Tiny Tacos covered in “melty cheese, shredded lettuce and taco sauce.” Fresno is pretty much a straight shot on California 99 for anyone who, you know, had started thinking about that sort of thing.