The burger was spotted on the menu at a location near the fast food chain's headquarters.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 21, 2017
jack in the box
Credit: Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

Would you be interested in a cheeseburger topped with nine-hour slow-cooked brisket, onion rings, a red wine glaze and smoky chili aioli served on a sesame and poppy seed artisan potato bun? But before you let your mouth water any further, what if you learned this tempting new burger was courtesy of Jack in the Box?

The chain known for tacos that barely qualify as tacos and a mascot that makes The Burger King feel a little less creepy by comparison has been testing a new gourmet burger that, on first glance, sounds like it has bitten off more than a fast food restaurant can chew: A “9-Hour Slow-Cooked Brisket Burger” that also advertises a “red wine glaze” has been spotted at a Jack in the Box location in Escondido, California, selling a la carte for $5.19, according to Brand Eating.

A couple questions immediately come to mind: Since Jack in the Box doesn’t have any other brisket items, where is this meat being slow-cooked for nine hours? And what kind of wine goes into Jack in the Box’s red wine glaze? When rival burger chain Carl’s Jr made a burger with beer cheese, it was sponsored by Budweiser. This Brisket Burger would seem like a missed opportunity for branding with Two-Buck Chuck.

Due to the Brisket Burger’s extremely limited release, reviews of the product are hard to come by. Joey Hernandez of the YouTube channel Joey’s World Tour appears to be one of the first people to spot the sandwich in the wild, posting a vlog about it back on August 9. “The red wine glaze is really nice and sweet,” Hernandez determined, giving the burger a 9.5 out of 10. “This is pretty good, everyone.” Meanwhile, YouTube’s Big J Reviews assessed the Brisket Burger on August 16. “Definitely good,” said Big J, eventually deciding on a score of 8 out of 10. However, similar to Hernandez, Big J suggested the burger could use more sauce. “That sauce is actually pretty good,” said J, “but I could barely taste it.” Hey, red wine isn’t cheap!