The Snoop Dogg-backed brand Merry Jane is behind the meal deal.

jack in the box
Credit: Courtesy of Jack in the Box

One of the great things about the growing marijuana legalization movement—beyond the not-getting-arrested-for-pot part—is that people no longer have to be coy about the real-life ramifications of being stoned. Smoking grass can give you the munchies, and as the name implies, fast food is often the quickest solution. Jack in the Box knows this (perhaps from market research), and in 2012, the California-based burger brand first launched its “Munchie Meals”—late-night offerings clearly targeted at the toking type. Now, the chain is taking things one step further, partnering with “cannabis media and lifestyle platform” Merry Jane (probably best known for Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party) to launch a new Merry Munchie Meal, a high-profile collaboration happening in the increasingly gray junction of mainstream and counterculture.

The limited-time, limited-release meal deal is being positioned as an especially stoner-friendly spin on Jack in the Box’s normal Munchie Meals. According to the company, this special Merry Munchie Meal “will include the most craveable and snackable products that Jack in the Box has to offer, including: a unique twist on Halfsies (½ curly fries and ½ onion rings), two of the brand’s famous Tacos, 5 Mini Churros, 3 Crispy Chicken Strips and a small drink—all for a very special price of $4.20, plus tax.”

“Jack’s Munchie Meals have been successful for us because of the authenticity of how we speak to our customers. This partnership is one more way for us to connect with them—whether you’re at a concert, up late playing video games or pulling an all-nighter,” said Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer at Jack in the Box. “We are about welcoming all of our guests, no matter what they’re craving or why they’re craving it.”

Sadly for pot smokers outside of California, the Merry Munchie Meal will only be available at three Long Beach locations and will only be offered from January 18 to 25. The timing of the promotion is meant to coincide with the official start of legalized marijuana in California which goes into effect on January 1. Meanwhile, the Long Beach connection stems from the fact that Merry Jane was launched by Ted Chung with the help of well-known Long Beach native Snoop Dogg. Whether Snoop plans to take advantage of this special offer isn’t mentioned, but at the very least, we can probably assume he’ll be high… so that’s a start.