The series aims to tell the story of the iconic Tennessee whiskey brand.
jack daniels podcast official
Credit: Courtesy of Jack Daniel’s

Plenty of great stories have been shared over a glass of whiskey—though usually it’s the drinkers and not the whiskey doing the storytelling. But apparently Jack Daniel’s believes it has what it takes to lead the discussion: The iconic whiskey brand has announced that it’s launching its own podcast.

Billed as the brand’s first official podcast, “Around the Barrel with Jack Daniel’s” promises to share “the stories and insights that make Lynchburg and Jack Daniel’s so unique.” “From Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and distillery tour guides to friends of Jack like R&B artist K. Michelle, each episode features a special guest sharing conversations and telling the many stories of the historic brand,” the company wrote in the announcement. “The series will also bring in industry authorities to give listeners a rare glimpse into the wide world of whiskey.”

Branded podcasts have become increasingly prevalent over the past few years, but interestingly enough, most of the time, these shows aren’t strictly dedicated to the product behind them. Take for example the liquor brand Tequila Avion which launched a branded podcast back in 2016. At the time, the brand’s founder, Ken Austin, specifically talked about how he didn’t want to dictate the content. “When we came in, we said, ‘We're willing to sponsor this thing, but I said to the guys, ‘I don't want to tell you what to say,’” he stated to Adweek. “It was more about the audience and the listener versus a brand dictating anything.”

Meanwhile, Jack Daniel’s appears to be taking the completely opposite approach, instead assuming that fans of the Tennessee whiskey want to hear more about it. “Jack Daniel was a real man, and we live by his motto that ‘every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can,” John Higgins, Jack Daniel’s North America Brand Director, said in a statement. “We have more than 150 years of stories like this to tell, and we want to provide a new way for our friends and whiskey enthusiasts, some of who may never make it to our homeplace to learn more about our special town and distillery.”

But can a podcast dedicated to pretty much only one whiskey brand really be compelling over the long haul? Well, Jack Daniel’s thinks they've got at least 12 episodes of excitement in them: That’s how long the initial run is scheduled for. The brand says look for “Around the Barrel with Jack Daniel’s” on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher and other on-demand audio platforms.