Apparently it's all about who the person you were married was also married to at one point.

By Mike Pomranz
March 06, 2017
© Catherine MacBride / Getty Images

Before becoming America’s most Twitter-obsessed president, Donald Trump found success in the world of reality television. Now, Trump’s ex-wife’s fourth ex-husband is hoping to do the same, seeking to score a deal for a reality show covering his exploits running a pizza restaurant near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. You know what they say: Success is all about your connections (or your connections’ connections or whatever it is this guy has).

Rossano Rubicondi is probably best known—and I use the term “known” very loosely—for being the fourth (and currently last) ex-husband of Ivana Trump. The two married at – where else – Mar-a-Lago in 2008, separated just months later and were divorced by 2009. But Rubicondi hopes his new venture set to be launched nearby will have greater staying power. According to CNN, the Italian-born socialite and pizza shop-entrepreneur (it’s not every day you get to write that!) is planning to open a fast-casual takeaway pizza place called “Rossano To Go” in West Palm Beach, less than four miles from Trump’s much-discussed private club and weekend getaway.

From there, CNN writes that “he's hoping to capitalize on the Trump family's connection to media and television with his own reality show about running the pizza business, currently under development.” Though the restaurant has yet to even open, back in January, Page Six reported that Rubicondi was also already planning to franchise Rossano To Go in New York, London and Milan. (Why stop there? Does Davenport, Iowa, not deserve a Rossano To Go?)

Though CNN said that The White House was unwilling to comment on the president’s ex-wife’s fourth ex-husband, Rubicondi says he still chats with The Donald on occasion. "If I have something important to say, yes," Rubicondi told CNN, mentioning that he’d even spoken with Trump since his inauguration. I wonder if, “Please tell people at your club to order my pizzas” is considered “something important”?

But will all this translate into big pizza bucks? “There will be someone on the way that will criticize my operation or will criticize whatever because I'm linked to [the Trumps]. That's part of the reality that we live in today that Donald has become President,” Rubicondi said when CNN asked if he thought his connections could actually be bad for business. “There is not much you can do about it.” As long as Trump allows him to hang his flyers in Mar-a-Lago, I think he’ll be fine.