Chefs around the country are expanding comfort-food boundaries, serving their carefully concocted dishes not on pristine white china, but in all-purpose brown paper bags.

French Fries in a Paper Bag

French fries in a bag. Photo © Sean Scheidt.

French Fries
At Baltimore chef Chad Gauss’s The Food Market, the steak frites includes a bag of fries topped with fresh garlic.

Chicken Wings
Portland, Oregon’s Nudi Noodle Place serves spicy “devil wings” tossed with rice powder, lime and coriander.

Pig Ears
Chef Jason Vincent offers crispy pig ears dressed with habanero-tinged maple syrup at Nightwood in Chicago.

Potato Chips
At Alan Wong’s newest Maui, Hawaii, spot Amasia, dinner starts with taro and potato chips in a mustard and onion seasoning.

Pork Nuggets
Chicharrónes Two Ways” is what chef Phillip Lopez calls his pork cracklings with chunks of roasted pig belly at Root in New Orleans.