By Aly Walansky
Updated April 29, 2016
© Westend61/Getty Images

The people of Italy have incredibly high standards when it comes to food, and that doesn’t stop when they fall on hard economic times.

In the city of Bologna, Italy —the birthplace of the legendary Bolognese sauce –Italian TV celebrity chef Simone Salvini volunteered his services weekly local soup kitchen. It came as quite a surprise to the attendees when he decided to make them a healthy vegan meal.

This no-meat meal was not a welcome to those being served. The homeless were so angry about the lack of meat in their dinner: “some told me that they need to eat meat, and would return to the streets [if they were fed vegan food],” the chef from Tuscany told Corriere della Sera. “My staff and I are trying to cook, as best as we can, a range of healthy, organic food and vegetables.”

Alessandro Caspoli, a monk who manages the center, maintained that the protest was peaceful, and Chef Salvini hopes to still win his critics over. The chef is currently working on a dinner menu that will be served to the homeless and refugees starting May 9th – hopefully with some more familiar ingredients thrown in.