By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 21, 2015
© John Kernick

Eating a terrible dollar slice of pizza could make you wish that pizza making required a license. And the Italian Pizza Makers Association totally agrees with you.

According to Italy’s The Local, for years now, the Italian Pizza Makers Association (abbreviated as “AMAR” in Italian) has been petitioning their government to regulate the pizza making profession, ensuring that every pizza you buy comes out as God (who’s probably an Italian) intended it. Despite getting draft legislation presented in the Italian parliament, little has become of the proposed law – probably for good reason. Trying to wrap your head around how anyone would enforce such a law will give you a migraine, especially since the AMAR believes the rules should apply to all of Europe.

Unable to get the Italian government’s attention, the AMAR is now trying a more circuitous route by trying to get these regulations passed in a European country other than Italy.

“If we don't have an answer by September we will take the proposals to another country and try to get the law passed there,” said Enzo Prete, president of AMAR. “We're already in discussions with a country but I can't say which one for reasons of privacy,” he told The Local.

So what would the bill entail? "The preparation of pizza is an art that has been handed down over centuries. Italy is responsible for ensuring the quality of its traditional foods and should institute a roster of pizza makers through a European pizza makers’ license." To get such a license, pizza makers would have to put in a minimum of 120 hours of coursework, including 70 hours spent practicing pizza making, 20 hours studying food science, 20 hours working on hygiene and food safety, and 20 hours learning foreign languages.

“We need to certify the pizza makers,” Prete was quoted as saying. “It's in the interest of the consumer too: I don't want to eat a pizza made by someone who doesn't know what they are doing.” Though if his pizza proposal passed, Europeans would probably start eating a lot less pizza and start eating a lot more “cheese and topping-covered tomato pie” or something of the sort.

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