By Aly Walansky
Updated January 21, 2016
Credit: © Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

A fish restaurant in Rome has answered the prayers of every child-less adult trying to enjoy a cocktail or three, only to have their buzz ruined by screaming toddlers.

La Fraschetta del Pesce has posted a sign in their window stating that owing to some unpleasant incidents caused by a lack of manners, children under 5 are not allowed in this restaurant.

The owner of the fish restaurant seems to have one too many run-ins with rowdy kids. Marco Magliozzi said to news site La Repubblica, “they throw olive oil on the floor, they upturn the water, they send the salt cellar flying across the room, they try to dismantle the furniture, they shout, they cry and above all, they hate fish."

While such unruly kids may be a reflection on their parents, social media is in an uproar about the kid ban. The restaurant’s Facebook page has tons of angry comments, and their TripAdvisor ratings are suffering.

There’s an Italian law stating that no one can be banned from an eatery without a just reason, making this all the more of a hot-button issue. Instead of a restaurant becoming so frustrated, perhaps the parents of these rowdy kids should stop taking their fish-hating kids to a fish restaurant? Problem solved.