Credit: Courtesy of Russ & Daughters

Look, we know that it’s December. And we know New York is not Los Angeles. And we know those two facts make it an awkward time to debut an ice cream sandwich designed to wrap lines around downtown Manhattan, but none of that is stopping the historic purveyors of smoked fish and other appetizing sundries at Russ & Daughters from doing it anyway.

Yesterday they announced that a babka ice cream sandwich is now available at the Russ & Daughters Café. It’s not the first time R&D set to creating a food mashup. Just this past summer they teamed up with East Village bar PDT to make caviar tots—a plate of better-than-you-remember-from-your-childhood tator tots topped with paddlefish caviar and crème fraîche.

Just as those tots weren’t exactly emblematic of summer, the babka ice cream sandwich might be considered out of season. But since it hasn’t actually started to snow or freeze in New York yet, there is still time to eat several dozen of these, but you better get to it; like the mild weather the babka sandwiches are only around for a limited time.

Let’s take a look.

The Bread: Two slices of Russ & Daughters renowned chocolate babka hold this hefty dessert together. To paraphrase Elaine Benes, you can’t beat the deliciously dense, melt in your mouth babka.

The Filling: You probably thought there could not be any more babka. But that’s where you’re mistaken. Between the two slices is a hefty scoop of Russ & Daughter’s housemade babka ice cream, filled with more chunks of the sweet, chocolate bread.

Sorry funnel cake ice cream sandwich. We've moved on.