By Carey Jones
Updated March 03, 2016
Credit: © Jason Greenspan

If you’re going to name your restaurant after a sandwich, it’d better be a beauty. Luckily, Villa Cemita in New York’s East Village delivers. The owner hails from Puebla, Mexico, the home of one of the best sandwiches we know of: the cemita.

A cousin of the better-known torta, cemitas are, well, stacked. You’ll often see cemitas with ten ingredients or more. A good cemita will have chicken or steak, avocado, beans, cheese, chipotle, the cilantro-like papalo — and the list goes on. Making a cemita is an exercise in construction, as much as flavor; with so many layers, a steady hand is key. And the “Super Cemita Poblano” at Villa Cemita excels on all fronts.

The bread: A classic cemita bun, a squishy but sturdy, almost brioche-like egg bun with sesame seeds on top. The ideal vehicle for the sandwich madness contained herein.

The filling: What isn’t on here? The super cemita has avocado, marinated chipotle and onion, queso Oaxaca, papalo, Ham, (Gotta have ham) and breaded chicken or steak. Order at brunch, and you can get one with black beans, scrambled eggs, and chorizo along with the avocado, cheese, and herbs. That’s our idea of a perfect breakfast sandwich.