The Iron Chefs are back and the ingredients are more secret than ever.

If you haven't wondered "whose cuisine reigns supreme" in awhile, mark your calendars—Iron Chef is back. Premeiring Wednesday, November 8 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), the new series Iron Chef Showdown brings a new layer to the classic chef battle show that began almost 25 years ago in Japan.

Hosted by Alton Brown, who has lent his cooking analysis to Iron Chef since it came to the Food Network and America in 2005, Iron Chef Showdown will pit up-and-coming, non-Iron chefs against each other for the right to take on an Iron Chef, all before the watchful eye of The Chairman (Mark Dacascos), and floor reporter Jayme Sire. Judged solely by Brown, the battles will take place in a newly renovated Kitchen Stadium, but, as ever, require the competitors to create superior dishes from a surprise secret ingredient.

The Iron Chef Showdown premiere will feature Thanksgiving-themed ingredients, with Chicago chef Matt Kerney battling Florida Chef Lindsay Autry for the right to face Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Other returning Iron Chefs include Jose Garces, Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon, and the newest, Stephanie Izard, who was elevated to the prestigious rank after winning the Iron Chef Gauntlet special earlier this year.

And the new series isn't all, either—the secret ingredient meat of the Iron Chef Showdown premiere will be sandwiched between two additional new slices Iron Chef bread. First, at 8 PM, Iron Chef: Where Are They Now will explore the current projects of America's Iron Chefs. Then, immediately following Showdown, Alton Brown hosts Iron Chef: Behind the Battle, which will revisit past battles, at the behest of The Chairman, in order to mine new insights. Iron Chef: Where Are They Now is only a single, one hour special, but Iron Chef Showdown and Iron Chef: Behind the Battle will run ten episodes each, meaning that, as you can tell from the amount of times the title "Iron Chef" has appeared in this sentence, this November there'll be more Iron Chef to be thankful for than ever.