The food-loving model chronicled a very unique day of grocery shopping on Twitter.
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Chrissy Teigen got some unexpected food from unexpected places yesterday thanks to the internet, where we also got to watch the saga unfold in real time.

On the savory side, the model, TV host, and cookbook author needed some steak sauce—or more accurately, a lot of it—for a ribeye steak, and used Postmates to order some A1 Sauce from SoCal grocery store chain Ralphs, with the quantity set to 5. The "problem," depending on your taste, was that she also added a comment asking for "5 bottles."

While Teigen had no idea what was coming in the 40-55 minute delivery time, her husband John Legend experienced some confusing foreshadowing while on tour in Europe, waking up to a text apologizing that "there were only 24 in stock."

When the order arrived, Teigen shared, she learned a new lesson in Postmates math: "apparently if u put in "5" under quantity on Postmates AND say "5 bottles!" in the description, they...get you 25."

At least some of the five bags of five bottles of A1 (minus that one bottle) presumably ended up on the smoke-alarm triggering steak she made.

Earlier that day, as Food & Wine chronicled, Tiegen lit up Twitter with a request for six brown bananas, which she needed for banana bread. In return, her assistant would deliver a signed copy of her cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, a Becca palette, and, of course, John Legend's underwear.

After an hour of searching, user @bymeg offered five, and soon, the exchange was made.

But once she started baking, Teigen realized five wasn't enough, and quickly followed up with another follower, @onairjake, who gave her two more (and got what looks like the same cookbook/makeup/R&B-star's-underwear bounty in return).

Finally ready to bake, she realized that the banana bread had become bigger than any one person.

So she filmed the baking process from start to finish, achieving communally-sourced banana bread that looks more than worth the effort.