It could be in stores in as little as a week.
unicorn frap starbucks rumor
Credit: © Arielle Cifuentes

Unicorns themselves may be myth, but if a new and exciting rumor proves true, a unicorn frappuccino—courtesy of coffee giant Starbucks—will be very much real.

Currently, the Internet is freaking out over sightings of the magical beverage that have been posted across Reddit threads and on Instagram in recent days, showing the pink and blue drink topped with colorful sprinkles—or maybe even fairy dust.

The rumor started on a Reddit thread posted Wednesday, when one user uploaded an image of blue "unicorn dust" to the site. The user dubbed the thread "unicorn frapp topping," and caused a comment frenzy about what the drink might taste like ranging from blueberry to puckeringly sour.

Later, another user posted a photo of a pink powder—another alleged topping for the new fairytale beverage. And there, on that photo, we have the first evidence of when the drink might launch in: it's labeled, "do not open until 4/17," while some commenters responded to say the drink will, in fact, not be released until April 19.

Then, an Instagram image appeared: the picture shows a cold drink topped with swirling, sprinkled whipped cream, and comes with a caption that says the drink will launch sometime between April 19 and April 23 "at a Starbucks near you."

The Instagram user, super_hiro_pope, was kind enough to describe the drink in the comments, too. "It's a cream-base frappuccino with mango syrup, white mocha, and a pink and blue sprinkle, that's a lil' tangy."

Starbucks itself has yet to confirm the release of the drink. (At least two attempts by reporters to get a comment on the beverage went unanswered by the company.)

If Starbucks is in fact unveiling the unicorn beverage, it will come on the heels of other recent Instagram-friendly additions to its menu: An American Cherry Pie Frappuccino, sadly (and oddly) only available in Japan, and most recently, its cult-favorite Pink Drink.