17 International Snacks That Deserve More Recognition

Including fairy bread, marshmallow hot dogs, and chocolate rice porridge with salted dry fish.

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If you've never tried hot cocoa with cheese in it, a Colombian staple, you're missing out.

In a popular Reddit thread, one user posed a provocative question: "Non Americans, what's the peanut butter and jelly of your culture? Like, what foods seem like they don't go well together, but for you is a common staple?" (That's right, peanut butter and jelly is not universally appreciated.) The responses were impassioned, to say the least.

Below, find the snacks that are the "peanut butter and jellies" of the countries in which they are beloved, according to Reddit users.

  1. "Margarine and sugar sandwich." (Romania)
  2. "Chocolate sprinkles between two slices of bread. For breakfast. Sometimes even cookies between two slices of bread." (The Netherlands)
  3. "Peanut butter and honey sandwich." (Australia)
  4. "Sprinkles on buttered white bread." (Australia)
  5. "French fry sandwich." (England)
  6. "'Cheese rolls' made from bread, cheese, evaporated milk and onion soup mix. Even people from other parts of the country think it's weird, but they are fantastic." (New Zealand)
  7. "Chocolate rice porridge and dried fish." (Philippines)
  8. "Cheese inside hot cocoa. Extra points if it's one of those that melts and stretches." (Colombia)
  9. "Waffles with brown goat cheese." (Norway)
  10. "Tahini and marmalade." (Greece)
  11. "Chocolate and cheese in desserts. If you haven't tried it, you really should." (Indonesia)
  12. "We have this thing called Habichuela con Dulce. It's basically a dessert made out of beans with a lot of sugar and evaporated milk. It's delicious." (Dominican Republic)
  13. "Cheddar cheese and guava paste. Slice a brick of sharp cheddar, slice a brick of guava paste, eat like a sandwich. Very good. It's called a 'pisicorre' or 'step and go.' Not sure why." (Cuba)
  14. "It's called Pavlišovský řízek (Pavlišovian steak?) or just Pavlišov [pavlishof], named after the village where it was first made. It's basically breaded pork with bread dumplings (popular in Germany, although the Czech ones used in this dish are a little different) and sauerkraut." (Czech Republic)
  15. "Marshmallow and hot dog." (Philippines)
  16. "Melone e prosciutto. You wrap salty ham around a slice of sweet melon and call it a summer delicacy. It is actually pretty good." (Italy)
  17. "Beans on toast. Get some grated cheese on there and you might as well be Gordon Ramsay." (England)

Reddit posts have been edited for length and clarity.

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