"Living Plates" move and react while you dine.

By Clara Olshansky
July 05, 2017
Courtesy of Lina Saleh

Moving dishware is here, and it's about to make your food experience way more entertaining. It's called the "Living Plates" collection, and, as you can see in the videos of it, it's super fun to watch. The dishes jiggle, shake, and wobble in response to your eating. Whether they're reshaping to adjust to the bite you just took or you're actively poking at them with your utensils, these silicone bowls and plates are way more entertaining than your average dishware.

The collection was designed by Lina Saleh, a Saudi-Italian product designer, as part of her MA work at the Royal College of Art in London. According to Saleh, the collection is about dishware "coming to life as an interactive canvas exploring the direct relationship between food, plate and diner." Basically, the "Living Plates" are here to make the plate a bigger part of the eating experience. Saleh envisions these plates and bowls being used by the chefs to enhance the artistry of the meal, with the dishware working in conjunction with the foods themselves. Granted, the plates aren't just about how fun it is to see your bowl jiggle while you eat—they also serve a more meditative purpose. The dessert bowls, by popping up and reshaping around your food, might force you to eat slower and more mindfully.

This isn't the first time Saleh has designed products to make the dishware experience more meaningful. In her collection "Layal Plates," Saleh uses thin, translucent porcelain to explore the ways that light can change the way we perceive our meals and can affect how much attention we pay to what we eat. In another project, "Pasta Design," Saleh used 3-D printing to make super cool shapes out of pasta that you could never achieve making the pasta by hand. For more of Lina Saleh's work, you can follow her on Instagram.