By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 15, 2016
Credit: Chris McGrath

One of the biggest trends in food has been big names reformulating recipes to remove artificial ingredients, aiming to make their products simpler, healthier and more natural. Apparently, instant ramen brand Nissin Cup Noodles figured it might as well jump on the bandwagon. It makes sense: The company is practically the sole source of nutrition for starving college students everywhere. Might as well give the future of America the best it can!

According to Food Business News, Nissin Foods announced today that it is making a number of changes to its Cup Noodle line of instant ramen in the US: lowering sodium levels by approximately 15 to 20 percent, removing all added MSG, and axing artificial flavors in favor of natural ones. “We asked our consumers what changes they’d like to see in our Cup Noodles product. They told us that without sacrificing taste, the three most compelling changes we could make to our recipe were: lower sodium, no added MSG and no artificial flavors,” Al Multari, president of Nissin Foods USA, was quoted as saying. “This is exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish.” I’m guessing the next thing their customers said was, “We’re getting paid for this focus group, right?”

Amazingly, the brand promises to make all of these changes without raising prices or affecting the flavor. “After a series of blind taste test with people who frequently consume the product, results revealed that consumers liked the new version of Cup Noodles just as much as the current,” Nissin boasted. Though, to be fair, if these testers “frequently consumed the product,” they were probably just happy to eat.

In addition to the recipe changes, Nissin also announced that the brand would be launching its first-ever national advertising campaign for Cup Noodles in the United States. Might I suggest: “Not starving to death just got that much healthier!” I kid because I too went to college.