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Instant Pot Gem Sale
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Kitchen space is sacred. Whether you’ve got limited cupboard space or just want everything to have it’s own clutter-free place, deciding whether or not to add new pots, pans, or countertop appliances to your collection can require everything from arithmetic to purging your less-used tools. If you’ve been considering getting on the Instant Pot train (let's be honest, the prospect of a 10-in-1 multicooker does have a strange appeal), but you're not ready to part with your trusty pressure cooker just yet, perhaps the brand's new Gem six-quart, eight-in-one multicooker is your way in.

Unlike most of Instant Pot's cylindrical offerings, the Gem is rectangular and features a tempered glass lid, fingerprint-resistant, brushed stainless steel exterior, and a ceramic-coated liner (which is oven- and stovetop- and dishwasher- safe), so it's going to look and feel a bit more like your classic Crock Pot. It also contains a substantial 1500-Watt heating element, which is how this device goes beyond mere low-and-slow applications.

The Gem is capable of searing and sauteeing, baking at 375 degrees, and roasting and steaming with the included rack, along with a rice cooking function, and both high- and low-heat slow cooker functions. The cook settings are programmable up to 24 hours in advance, and many can be re-adjusted mid-cook as needed. The warming feature can keep food hot for up to ten hours.

The one key thing it doesn't do that its famously faddish brethren are synonymous with is pressure cook, but as Alton Brown suggests, there are things a pressure cooker can do that just aren't possible in an Instant Pot anyway.

To be fair, while the Gem is "new," it was previously released earlier this year but had to be recalled due to an overheating hazard. This second generation Gem has, ostensibly, worked out those issues.

The Instant Pot Gem 6-Quart 8-in-1 Multicooker is available for $58 (regular price $79) through Wednesday, October 31 exclusively at Walmart.