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But are these tablescapes really symmetrical?

Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
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Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may have noticed an influx of well-organized tablescapes tagged with #symmetry or #symmetrybreakfast. For that, you can thank or blame @symmetrybreakfast, aka cookbook author Michael Zee, who has inspired countless iPhone photographers to arrange their meals symmetrically—or, at least, try.

As beautiful as these photos may be, we think the Instagram community needs a little lesson on the definition of symmetry. In order to be symmetrical, one half must be a true reflection of the other half. We know we're being particular, but have you ever come across two mirror-image bagels? For this reason, we will suggest replacement hashtags: #thingsorganizedVERYneatly, #beautifullyarrangedfood and #nearlysymmetrical could all do the job.

Now that we've picked this issue to the bone, please feast your eyes on these gorgeous photos of sort-of-symmetrically arranged food.

From the catalyst himself, two plates of beautiful onion paratha.

So well-arranged.

This definitely makes us crave noodles.

VERY neatly organized.

Quite pleasing to the eye.

Even she admits it's *almost* symmetrical.

Save some for us!