Finding photos of your favorite foods to gawk at is easier than ever.
2017 Instagram trends
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today, Instagram introduced a new feature: Instead of only being able to follow people on the social media app, you’ll now also be able to follow hashtags. If you find yourself searching #foodporn or #healthyeats in the Explore function of Instagram, looking for recipes, dinner inspiration, or even just beautiful pictures of other people’s indulgent meals, this new feature is made for you. Now, when you follow a hashtag, the top posts from that hashtag will show up directly in your feed—no need to sort through the Explore tab.

The new feature is supposed to make it easier to find photos in the Instagram community that you might be interested in—with the added benefit that you don’t have to follow the account of someone who posted just one photo that you happen to love. Plus, it might surface posts from a popular hashtag like #eatwell or #foodie (which include a whole rainbow of delicious foods from cakes covered in rainbow sprinkles to a pair of savory cannoli) that you might never have found before, buried as these photos get under the stacks and stacks of food pictures that get posted every day.

This is actually a dream come true for those people on social media—of which there are so many that some restaurants have even taken to banning photography—who are dedicated, near-professional photographers of every meal, snack, and dessert that enters their hands and crosses their tables. Those people can now easily find out exactly what their Instagram colleagues are eating, where they are eating, and how they are photographing it, drawing both inspiration and envy from people who share their artistic spirit but not their zip code. You might even make a few friends if the hashtag introduces you to like-minded food lover you wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

And hey, if you're too embarrassed to take pictures of your dinner, you can always use the new feature to drool over food pictures from those shameless Instagram photographers among us.