By Noah Kaufman
Updated October 17, 2014
© Edoughble

We are not embarrassed to admit that our favorite part of the entire cookie-making experience is licking the spoon. We are slightly more embarrassed to admit that we have purchased tubs of cookie dough before with no intention of baking cookies and spooned it straight into our mouths over a Dr. Who marathon. But finally, a Los Angeles-based couple are inspiring raw cookie dough eaters to come out of the shadows. John and Rana Lustyan recently launched Edoughble after spending years developing cookie dough recipes that don't require raw egg. The Lustyans use a combination of apple sauce and vanilla bean paste to maintain traditional dough’s texture while making it safer to eat. Their eight different types of dough range from classic to S'mores, and the response has been fantastic. Sample fan emails include: “My 32-year-old daughter asked for your cookie dough instead of a birthday cake this year.”

You can buy the dough online and at the Birch Coffee Shop in New York, and the couple is also being courted by national retailers after a very positive run on Reddit.