Kim Severson’s terrific feature in today’s New York Times on the already-ubiquitous-even-though-it’s-not-out-yet Julie & Julia answers all conceivable questions about what actors are, or aren’t, eating on screen. And about how hard a food stylist like Susan Spungen works during filming. Still, there are rewards. In the article, Severson details how Spungen, left, added vanilla extract to the Swiss meringue she made for a scene at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school because she realized that Meryl Streep, in character as Julia Child, would taste it. What Severson's article doesn't say: When Spungen told Streep that she’d added the vanilla for her, Streep replied, “I love you,” and kissed the food stylist on the cheek. This isn’t the last collaboration between Streep and Spungen. In an upcoming Nancy Meyers movie, tentatively titled It’s Complicated, Streep plays a woman who opens a bakery; you’ll see a lot of Spungen’s work in that film, too.