By FWx Editors
Updated September 16, 2016
© Phoebe Melnick

When we arrived at Dominique Ansel’s eponymous kitchen last night, we found the award winning chef and his team of seven piping and dolloping the finishing touches on about 150 pies. The strawberry rhubarb, key lime and flambéed banana cream they were bent over were part of an event that every self-respecting food lover should put on their bucket list immediately. Pie Night. What began last year as an underground celebration that Ansel intended for “fans and regulars,” turned this year into a full-fledged festival of dessert. Ansel extended Pie Night to six nights over three weeks, each with three one-hour seatings featuring all you can eat pie and all you can drink sparkling cocktails.

Ansel told us the expectation is that everyone who shows up will eat the equivalent of an entire pie. Once the 30 or so ticketed customers started streaming in, that estimate proved mostly accurate. Several people crammed seven and eight slices of pie on to a single plate. And that was just their first round. When Dominique Ansel gives you an hour to eat as much pie as you can you don’t forget to go back for seconds.

If you don’t already have a ticket you’ll have to start preparing for next year’s Pie Nights as the events all sold out in the first minute. But fortunately you can tide yourself over with one of the eleven pies Ansel featured. All of them are available on the Dominique Ansel Kitchen Website to order and pick up this weekend.

INSIDER TIP: While we would happily polish off any of these alone in a dark corner of our apartment this weekend, the chicken pot pie with pork belly may just be the best savory pie we’ve ever had.

Check out the video up above for our behind the scenes look and order to your pie-loving heart’s content here.