The playlist was compiled with the help of a guy who, quite literally, wrote the book on eating bugs.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 23, 2017
kwanchaichaiudom / Getty Images

You know that thing where you're trying to eat your bugs, but the music just isn't right for it? Okay, so that's not a very common problem, but that didn't stop the podcast Snacky Tunes from coming up with a solution to it. In their new "On Eating Insects" playlist, Snacky Tunes provides us with the songs you need for the perfect bug-munching experience. (René Redzepi, take note!)

Why an insect-eating playlist, and why now? The playlist is a companion to a new book by publishing company Phaidon, "On Eating Insects: Essays, Stories and Recipes". The book looks at eating bugs from pretty much every perspective you could want to look at eating bugs from. The recipes are all by the Nordic Food Lab, a Denmark-based non-profit that focuses on food diversity and taste. According to Cool Hunting, the pieces in the book are written by Nordic Food Lab scientist Michael Bom Frøst, explorer Robert Flore, and Josh Evans, manager of the Nordic Lab's Insect Project.

Courtesy of Amazon

The playlist came about when Phaidon and Josh Evans approached Snacky Tunes' creators, Darin and Greg Bresnitz about compiling a mixtape. The playlist is comprised of the music that Evans was listening to while he was working on the book. The Bresnitz Brothers were particularly interested in the book because of how seriously it takes insect-eating, as in it doesn't treat it as a cultural novelty, an odd little quirk, or a taboo subject, but instead it takes it as a serious consideration in the future of food. Sure enough, the book's illustrations show very real (and oddly appealing) insect recipes. So here's to good music and good crickets.

Take a listen for yourself, and if you're not sure what insects to eat at the moment, may we suggest enjoying these tunes while you chow down on your Cricket Cake ice cream?