A former auto-body shop in Portland, Oregon, doesn't sound like the most tantalizing spot for a Turkish bazaar. But for Kurt and Garth Rosenberg of the Olive Farm, the location has brought luck. In 1990, the Rosenbergs' parents moved from Portland to Turkey, where they purchased an olive orchard and started pressing fruit from their centuries-old trees. They sent bottles of the buttery oil as gifts to friends in the United States and Europe. As word spread, they built an olive-oil mill in Turkey, converted a Portland automotive shop into a shipping headquarters and put Kurt and Garth in charge of running the business. In four years, the Olive Farm has evolved into a Mediterranean specialty store, offering everything from dried apricots and Turkish delight to olive-wood kitchenware that's carved from orchard prunings. And, of course, olive oil, in three varieties, cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvest and shipped in insulated containers to shield it from light and heat. To guarantee freshness, the Olive Farm won't sell its oils to supermarkets or restaurants, but the company recently opened a retail outlet in Bellevue, Washington, with plans to add stores in the Bay Area and, eventually, New York (888-380-8018 or
—Ted Katauskas