You don't have to travel to Rosas, Spain, for a taste of El Bulli, the Michelin three-star restaurant where visionary chef Ferran Adrià turns out dishes that are as famously inventive as they are delicious. In collaboration with the Catalonia-based Borges olive oil company, Adrià recently introduced a line of 10 olive oils to American retail shops like Whole Foods and Charlie Trotter's To Go, in flavors ranging from classic basil to the unusual fried garlic. Both the oils' fresh taste and their yearlong shelf life are a result of Adrià's insistence that the mass-market product be made with the same artisanal approach he uses at El Bulli: Instead of adding flavor extracts or preservatives to finished oils, Borges very slowly mixes together small quantities of oil with pure ingredients from the beginning of production. F&W's editors loved the four-peppers, basil and chile pepper and cardamom. As for Adrià, he favors the subtle vanilla one, which turns up on his menus most often with pasta and potatoes. "Es muy sensual," he says ($14 for 8 ounces;

--Jessica Blatt