By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 27, 2016
© Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For the 34th consecutive year, I waited up all night for Santa and once again the bearded fat man never showed. It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to wonder if this dude even exists. But as upset as I was at once again missing out on seeing Santa, I was even more disappointed when I returned to my desk today and discovered I had missed another major holiday event: “The First Inflatable KFC Franchise.”

On the evening of December 21 in Portland, Oregon’s Pioneer Square, KFC put the “pop” in “pop-up restaurant” by opening what the chicken chain proclaimed on Facebook to be “The World’s First Inflatable KFC Franchise.” Video from the stunt shows that, indeed, the fast food brand did blow up a red and white balloon house featuring the Kentucky Fried Chicken name and surrounded by inflatable evergreens and even a blowup Colonel Sanders snowman.

However, though this pop-up restaurant could literally pop, it wasn’t much of a literal restaurant. Instead, a man dressed as Colonel Sanders simply handed out inflatable chicken drumsticks and gift cards to grab some free food at a real KFC franchise in the future. I guess in some twisted inflatable world logic, you would expect an inflatable restaurant to hand out inflatable food, but in the real world, after waiting out in the cold, I’d much rather end up with a hot bucket of chicken

But if anyone was waiting around to levy some complaints about being stuck without anything worthy of licking their fingers over, they’d be out of luck. Possibly the biggest bonus about running an inflatable franchise is that you can quickly deflate your entire operation and get out of town. After that, it appears we’ll all be left wondering whether the inflatable franchise will return again next Christmas… unlike Santa.