Soup: The solution to all of your problems, surprisingly. 

soup video game
Credit: Ozgur Coskun / Getty Images

With so many tragic events happening in the world today, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a happy outlook on your life. Indie rock band The Moms understand this, and their new song, which they released on Saturday, posits a temporary solution to the feeling of malaise you may be experiencing right now, especially now that it gets dark at about 5:00 p.m. All it takes is a bowl of homemade soup.

In “Soup Song,” singer Joey Nester laments that he’s not the “same optimist after a million trips around the sun.” Relatable. He and his bandmates’ plan to escape their angst? In the video, they head to the grocery store, pick up some carrots, mushrooms, onions, and celery and make a huge pot of soup. This is not a selfish enterprise, however. Nester and the band don’t simply make the soup and then hoard it all to themselves.

Instead, they transfer the soup to plastic containers, which they load into a van on which they’ve written “Eat Soup, Feel Good,” and drive around New Jersey, giving out the soup to homeless folks and anyone else they encounter walking around the streets and the Asbury Park boardwalk. Finally, one of the band members holds up a sign with a message that we all need to hear sometimes, even when it feels like impossible to believe: “Everything is okay.”

A video of a band giving away free soup to strangers, in a desperate, but very kind, attempt to improve the moods of strangers almost certainly feeling fatigued by near-relentless waves of bad news is what you need to watch today. It’s charming, it’s comforting, it might, as people say these days, “restore your faith in humanity.” And, as Nester realizes about eating soup to make himself feel better, “it works much better than I thought it would.”