A candy Cinderella would fit perfectly inside.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 16, 2017
twizzlers castle
Credit: Courtesy of Emily Seilhamer

Cinderella's Castle just got even more magical, because now it's rainbow and made out of Twizzlers. Emily Seilhamer, an artist from Elizabethtown, PA who loves using unconventional materials, has made an incredible, candy-based sculpture of the iconic castle from Disney World's Magic Kingdom. You can watch the sculpture come to life here, at Seilhamer's YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, because it took some paint to get this castle looking fit for Cinderella, it's not 100% edible. Still, there's something about a big, rainbow castle made out of candy that can make you feel like a kid again. The castle is two feet tall, and stands in front of a backdrop inspired by that intro that plays before all Disney movies.

Before she began the actual construction of the castle, Steilhamer had to use countless little packs of Twizzlers Rainbow Twists and separate them out by color. Considering that she's also the artist behind this incredible outfit—complete with a dress, shoes, and a corsage—made out of Starbucks wrappers, there's hope that all those little Twizzlers Rainbow Twists wrappers will find new life.

Previous works of Seilhamer's include constructing a Christmas tree from scratch out of brown paper lunch bags, turning her grandparents' old wallpaper into an Easter dress, and helping Waldo and Carmen Sandiego find themselves in each other's eyes.

If you enjoy large Twizzlers sculptures of American landmarks, the red licorice has also been used to recreate the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Seattle Space Needle. And if you want a good drink to pair with your Twizzler-fied American landmarks, you can try pairing it with the Twizzler of wines.