Credit: © Jeff Neira/ABC via Getty Images

The only thing I love more than staying home on a weekday to watch Barefoot Contessa is pretending to be Barefoot Contessa in my own kitchen. I may never have the angel tears, unicorn whiskers or other “good quality” ingredients she demands in her recipes (perhaps they’re exclusive only to East Hampton), but Ina Garten has made cooking a relaxing, fun and approachable experience for me and thousands of loyal viewers. And for this, I freakin’ adore her.

It should come as no surprise that I was horrified to hear about the show's production halt so that she could dedicate her time and popped collars to an upcoming cookbook (her 10th!), Cooking for Jeffrey. But like a cherub appearing from the heavens, our favorite tablescape master took to Instagram to not-so-subtly announce that taping is back in session.

A few key takeaways from this extremely important announcement:

1. I love how "organizing the kitchen" in Ina's world means casually setting out a bowl of lemons, limes and eggs. That being said, I'm really praying for a citrusy souffle in an upcoming episode.

2. We shouldn't dismiss the fact that Barefoot Contessa is not referenced directly. Could #cookingforjeffrey hint towards a possible spin-off? The guy is already getting a cookbook dedicated to him. Enough is enough. (Kidding! Kind of...)

3. I'm disappointed in the post's lack of rhetorical questions. It needs a little "isn't that great?" or "how bad could that be?" to truly capture the essence of the show. I hope all of this recipe writing isn't knocking her off her A game.

4. I may need to get a life. But is an Ina-less life worth living? No. It's not. And I know I am not alone when I proclaim this.